Looking for Russian Volume 3D or Individual Lashes in Aylesbury Bucks.

Candy Shack Beauty Therapy based in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire provide a range of eyelash extensions which can be done in the comfort of your own home or at our home beauty salon based in Aylesbury, We offer the new fabulous Russian 3D Volume Eyelash Extensions as well as Stunning Natural Individual Eyelash Extensions.

Eyelash Extensions, Prices & Packages


    Russian Volume Lashes 3D

    The Russian Layering Technique (also known as Russian Lashes and 3D-6D lashes) come from Russia and has recently made become huge in the UK. This multi-lash technique involves applying multiple synthetic, ultra-fine lashes onto a single natural lash. The main benefit of Russian Layering is that it gives a stunning full glamorous look.

  • Russian Volume Lashes 3D. £60

  • 2 week infill. £27.50

  • 3 week infill. £32.50

  • Lash Removal. £15 (£5 if new lashes being applied).

  • Individual Eyelash Extensions

    Our stunning Natural Individual Eyelash Extensions last as long as your own lashes, all you need to do is have in-fills every 2-3 weeks to continue having a beautiful stunning full lashes. The in-fills are needed because your natural eyelashes eventually fall out. (due to your natural eyelash cycle) so your applied lash falls out together with it. If you take good care of your lashes and use the correct products this will also help to extend the life of your lashes.

  • Individual Eyelash Extensions (last 6-8 weeks with maintenance). £45

  • 2 week infill. £20

  • 3 week infill. £25

  • Lash Removal. £15 (£5 if new lashes being applied).