Dermal Lip Fillers Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

Looking for Lip Fillers or Botox in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire?.

Here at Candy Shack Beauty we don’t do Botox but what we do offer is the latest range of Dermal Lip Fillers and even better it’s NEEDLELESS!.

Our new NEEDLELESS Dermal Lip Fillers, Face lifts and Biorevitalisation treatments are done with a revolutionary new device that injects the products into the skin and lips with no needles!.

We have a range of treatments to suit all clients, all treatments require a full consultation where we will go over every question you have, show you the treatment device and how it works, we also then go over how you would like your Lips to look and how much filler you would like.

Our new NEEDLELESS Dermal Lip Fillers are nearly pain free and we don’t very often see much swelling, bruising or bleeding unlike BOTOX which is done with a needle.

If you worried about BOTOX and Needles then our Dermal Needleless Lip Fillers are the perfect solution to get more beautiful bigger lips.

For a free consultation and pricing please call us on 01296 532342